Bio: Casey Reed is a New York-based music director for theatre whose skill set includes piano accompaniment, vocal coaching, conducting, copy work, orchestration, arrangement, and music technologies such as Finale, Mainstage, Logic, and Abelton. He graduated from Northwestern University (School of Communication '16) with a BA in Theatre and a minor in Economics. Casey began studying piano and voice at age 7. Since then, he has had a fulfilling musical life that has included musical theatre, classical and jazz piano, trumpet, guitar, marching band, concert band, chorus, composition, teaching, and many other enriching side projects.  

Mission: Casey is extremely passionate about using music to create effective and dynamic storytelling. He believes that the job of the music director is to execute clarity in the score and fulfill the music goals of the creative team. To see a research paper Casey wrote at Northwestern on Broadway music direction, visit THIS LINK.